Making great cheese begins with wonderful milk – the milk our cows produce is of the highest quality, which has been recognised with Animal Health Ireland “Milking For Quality” awards. For most of the year our Montbeliarde & Friesian cows leisurely graze on lush, nutritious grass. For a few weeks during the winter, when it gets a little colder and grass growth slows, the cows move inside and enjoy a diet of grass silage harvested from the fields during the summer months. While the cows are indoors we take a break from cheesemaking until springtime when they are back out on pasture full time.

Bó Rua Farm is one of forty-four farms in our area participating in the innovative BRIDE (Biodiversity Regeneration in a Dairy Environment) Project. The project aims to conserve, enhance and restore habitats. We have planted oak trees, mixed hedgerows, installed bird boxes and bat boxes. In the coming months we will plant mixed woodland, install riparian margins, field margins, bee scrapes and pollinator plots. All the family is looking forward to reaping the benefits of increased biodiversity on our farm for generations to come.

Bó Rua Farm On The Airwaves

Following our ‘Rising Stars’ win at the 2019 Farmer Of The Year Awards we were thrilled when Brenda Donohue from RTÉ Countrywide called to Bó Rua Farm for a chat with all the family. You can listen back to the podcast HERE, scroll to 28 mins 40 seconds.