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Welcome to Bó Rua Farm Local, seasonal, sustainable farmhouse cheese
Irish Farmhouse Cheese

Handcrafted in small batches on the Dinneen’s family farm in County Cork

There is an old farmers saying, “Look after the cows and the cows will look after you.” This goes to the heart of everything we do at Bó Rua Farm from from how we raise and graze our herd of Montbeliarde and Friesian cows, to how we handcraft our artisan, farmhouse cheese.

our mission

To bring you the finest of Irish Farmhouse cheese

Bó Rua Farm farmhouse cheese is made on our family farm using traditional methods from the freshest cows milk. Cheesemaking is seasonal, while our cows are outdoors, enjoying a grass diet. Our cheddar is carefully produced and gently aged to develop a firm yet delicately creamy texture and a full, approachable flavour. We have made it our mission to oversee every step of our pasture-to-plate produce to ensure we bring you the finest of cheese.

Our Inspiration

Bó Rua, the Irish for Red Cow

The inspiration for the name of our farm and our cheese came from our gentle Montbéliarde cows, a breed that originate in France where they are synonymous with traditional cheesemaking. They have beautiful rust coloured markings, hence the name Bó Rua, the Irish for Red Cow.


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