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fresh air, fertile soil and rain

Perfect for cheesemaking

Here on our family farm, in the rolling pastures of East Cork, we enjoy the ideal combination of fresh air, fertile soil and rain which produces a plentiful supply of lush grass for our Montbeliarde and Friesian cows to graze. The pure milk they produce is rich, nutritious and delicious – perfect for cheesemaking.

For most of the year our Montbeliarde & Friesian cows leisurely graze on lush, nutritious grass. For a few weeks during the winter, when it gets a little colder and grass growth slows, the cows move inside and enjoy a diet of grass silage harvested from the fields during the summer months. While the cows are indoors we take a break from cheesemaking until springtime when they are back out on pasture full time.

Proud of our herd

We are very proud of our herd and the quality of the milk our cows produce. While the herd has received numerous milk quality awards, we have always known that there is something very special about the taste of our cows milk, which was confirmed following blind tasting at the Blas na hEireann, Irish Food Awards when it scooped the Gold Medal for Best Irish Dairy Milk in 2020.