Our Cows

Bó Rua Farm

Our Montbeliarde cows inspired not only the name of our farm but also our venture into farmhouse cheese making. (In Irish, Bó=Cow, Rua=Red). The breed are closely linked to traditional cheese production. The Bó Rua herd is a closed herd, which means we never buy in cows. All of the herd is born and bred on Bó Rua Farm, with cow families remaining for generations.

The distinct taste of Bó Rua cheese begins long before milk reaches the cheese vat with the careful breeding of our cows. Beyond the requirement of a grass diet for the cheese milk, we aim for a particular balance in the major constituents of the milk i.e. fat and protein, as well as flavour complexity. Each cow breed gives milk that is different in its proportions and types of fat, protein, vitamins and minerals. As a result not all milks are equally suited to all types of cheese.

In 2015 we were honoured to receive an AHI ‘Milking For Quality Award’ in recognition of the superb quality of milk our cows produce at Bó Rua Farm, presented by the Minister of Agriculture Mr. Simon Coveney.