Our Cows

It all starts with our cows. At Bo Rua Farm our cows are free to roam and leisurely graze on lush, nutritious grass.  For a few weeks during the Winter, when it gets a little colder and grass growth slows, they move inside and enjoy a diet of grass silage harvested from the fields during the Summer months.

The Bó Rua herd is a closed herd, which means all of the herd is born and bred on Bó Rua Farm, with cow families remaining for generations.

The distinct taste of Bó Rua cheese begins long before milk reaches the cheese vat. Beyond the requirement of a grass diet for the cheese milk, we aim for a particular balance in the major constituents of the milk i.e. fat and protein, as well as flavour complexity. Each cow breed gives milk that is different in its proportions and types of fat, protein, vitamins and minerals. As a result not all milks are equally suited to all types of cheese.

In recent years we have been honoured to receive two Animal Health Ireland ‘Milking For Quality Awards’ in recognition of the excellent quality of milk our cows produce.