Our Cheese

In 2015 we decided it was high time we made more use of our delicious milk and started cheese production. Our first cheese had to be cheddar, Tom’s favourite, and so Bó Rua Farm Cheddar was born. (We have been experimenting with some soft cheeses too of late, so watch this space.)

Each cheese is handmade by us. We begin cheesemaking straight after morning milking, ensuring we use the freshest of milk. There are subtle variations in the cows milk composition depending on natural conditions such as weather and grass growth, so naturally our cheese varies ever so slightly with the seasons too.

Cheese making is a precise process with many variables, from which paddock the cows have been grazing that day and the weather, to the exact temperature and humidity in the cheese dairy and maturing room. Careful nurturing of the cheese is needed during maturation, with regular turning and grading. It takes a minimum of six months for our cheese to mature, before it can be sent out for our customers to enjoy.