At Bó Rua Farm our family produces award winning cheese using milk from our own herd of cows. The inspiration for our diversification into farmhouse cheese and indeed the name of the farm came from our Montbeliarde cows, known affectionately as the ‘Red Cows’ due to their distinctive rust coloured markings. Bó Rua translates from the Irish to Red Cow.

Here in the rolling pastures of East Cork, we enjoy the ideal combination of fresh air, fertile soil and rain which produces a plentiful supply of lush grass for our Montbeliarde and Friesian cows to graze. The pure milk they produce is rich, nutritious and delicious – perfect for cheese making.

We have made it our mission to oversee every step of our pasture-to-plate produce to ensure we bring you the finest of cheese.

 Bó Rua Farm On The Airwaves – December 12th 2019

We were thrilled when Brenda Donohue from RTÉ Countrywide called to Bó Rua Farm for a chat with all the family.

You can listen back to the podcast HERE, scroll to 28 mins 40 seconds.

Bó Rua Farm on Twitter

Bó Rua Farm on Twitter

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